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Book Review: Atomic Habits

Do you have habits you consider as “bad” and you want to get rid of?

Do you have goals you want to achieve but your are not making big progress yet?

If you want better results, then forget about setting goals. Focus on your system instead.

– James Clear, Atomic Habits

This is the book you want to read next:

Book: Atomic Habits

Atomic Habits

No matter what your goals are, no matter what you want to change or what you want to get better at, this book is definitively going to help you a lot!

The problem with a goals-first mentality is that you’re continually putting happiness off until the next milestone. […] A systems-first mentality provides the antidote. When you fall in love with the process rather than the product, you don’t have to wait to give yourself permission to be happy. […] True long-term thinking is goal-less thinking. […] Ultimately, it is your commitment to the process that will determine your progress.

– James Clear, Atomic Habits

Structure of the book

After having set the foundation of behavior, change and habits the main content is structured into four chapters, the “four rules of behavioral change”.

The rules to create a good habit are:

  1. Make it obvious
  2. Make it attractive
  3. Make it easy
  4. Make it satisfying

The rules to break a bad habit are:

  1. Make it invisible
  2. Make it unattractive
  3. Make it difficult
  4. Make it unsatisfying

Each chapter provide easy to understand explanation what the rule is about including examples the reader can relate to as well as techniques to implement the rule daily life.

Technique: Habit stacking

One such powerful and easy to implement technique is “habit stacking” which is a strategy to pair a new habit with an existing one.

Example: After I got my second coffee, I perform all open code reviews.

Technique: Temptation bundling

“Temptation bundling” is a technique to make a habit more attractive. The strategy is to pair an action you want to do with an action you need to do.

Example: After I have reviewed the next chapter of the developer manual (need), I try out the cool, new library I have found (want).

More motivational quotes

Reframing your habits to highlight their benefits rather than their drawbacks is a fast and lightweight way to reprogram your mind and make a habit more attractive.

– James Clear, Atomic Habits

If you want to master a habit, the key is to start with repetition, not perfection. […] Master the habit of showing up. The truth is, a habit must be established before it can be improved.

– James Clear, Atomic Habits

The only way to become excellent is to be endlessly fascinated by doing the same thing over and over. You have to fall in love with boredom.”

– James Clear, Atomic Habits

I hope you’ve got motivated! Now get a copy of that awesome book, start reading, start changing!

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