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Clean Architecture and Design

While preparing my next post on Implementing Clean Architecture I watched again Uncle Bobs famous talk on Clean Architecture and Design.

I know it is more than three years old but if you are interested in Clean Architecture you should take your time and watch it. Uncle Bob explains nicely - and a little bit funny as usual ;-) - what the Clean Architecture is about, how the puzzle is built up and why it has to be like this.

And as a summary for this video and as an outlook to my next post here is the key message:

The user interacts with the view. The view passes a request (defined in the interface adapter layer) to the controller which converts it into a request model defined in the use case layer. The interactor takes the request model though a input port and produces a response model which gets passed through an output port to the presenter. The presenter converts the response model into a response object defined in the interface adapters layer to the view. The view renders the response for the user

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