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Book Review: Continuous Delivery

A week back I just finished reading

Book: Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

Also I sometimes wished it would be a hundred pages shorter I finally think it is a valuable book almost completely describing the topic.

If you are not doing Continuous Delivery yet: get a copy of this book, read it and apply the learnings to your projects.

My major take-away: the approach of Continuous Delivery and the Deployment Pipeline allows you to truly work in an incremental and iterative way.

You do not need to have everything right at the beginning - you just need your basic pipeline working right from the beginning and then incrementally improve.

With a full automated pipeline pushing updates to your users is so easy that delivering small improvements, bug fixes and features becomes fun again ;-)

You want to try out these concepts in your private one-man projects? Have a look at Plainion.CI

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