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Book Review: Feel Good Productivity

Since I am a software developer, I have been interested in increasing my productivity because there are always more things to learn, experiment with, and accomplish than I could possibly achieve.

Over the last two decades, I have read quite a few books, countless articles, and watched tons of YouTube videos on the subject.

So, when Ali announced his book, it was clear that I would get one.

Book: Feel Good Productivity

Feel Good Productivity

Most articles on the subject focus on time management, plans and discipline. Ali takes a different perspective. He even describes his approach rather as a “philosophy” than a “strategy”.

His ‘philosophy’ is structured into three parts: The first part discusses three ‘energizers’ that enhance productivity. The second part identifies three ‘blockers’ that must be tackled to overcome procrastination. The third part outlines three ‘sustainers’ crucial for long-term fulfillment and preventing burnout.

Ali always pairs his insights with engaging anecdotes and backs them up with scientific evidence, making his book not only informative but also enjoyable to read.

My key insight: Understanding how important fun actually is for productivity.

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