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Book Review: Architecture for Containerized .NET Applications

Since a while now I am interested in MicroServices architectures, their benefits and how to implement them. Recently I came across .NET Microservices: Architecture for Containerized .NET Applications in The week in .Net and immediate read it.

Overall I think it is a really good book about the topic! Of course it focuses on Microsoft technologies but that’s okay as this is anyway my primary playground ;-) The ~300 pages gave me quite good and “deep enough” overview about the topics below and I really wonder whether I would need another book at all. And this one is for free!

You will learn about

  • Docker and containers
  • .Net Core vs .Net Framework
  • Domain Driven Design principles
  • MicroServices architecture principles, e.g.:
    • Data sovereignty per MicroService
    • Communication
    • Resiliency
  • Deployment process
  • Tacking business complexity using CQRS
  • Health monitoring
  • Security

If your are interested in MicroServices definitively a must read! And if the book still does not give you enough details you will find many “further readings” at the end of each chapter.

PS: If you like reading code more than reading books the Microsoft guys have a full working example on GitHub.

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