Connect your thoughts

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Plainion.OneNote is a “notebook app” which allows you to structure and connect your thoughts. Unlike other Open Source and commercial solutions Plainion.OneNote focuses on simplicity and content.

Plainion.OneNote’s mission is the symbiosis of

  • the simplicity of MarkDown
  • the networking of a Wiki
  • the convenience of a RichText editor


When opening Plainion.OneNote the first time it asks you for the location of a new or existing project. Once saved you can start Plainion.OneNote with passing the project as first parameter. On Windows you could so tell Windows to open Plainion.OneNote when doing double-click on its project files (.p1n).

The navigation pane allows you to organize your different topics (or virtual documents) in a tree structure. You can use Drag&Drop to reorganize the topics and the context menu to create new topics or to delete topics.

The filter can be used to filter the topics by title.

The search tab can be used for a full text search through the entire notebook.


The editor provides a toolbar for convenience. It allows you to apply the basic opperations via mouse.

The real power of the editor lays its text and keyboard short cuts.

Type (or paste)

  • ”# “ for a headline level 1
  • ”## “ for a headline level 2
  • ”### “ for a headline level 3
  • ”- “ to start a bullet list
  • “1. “ to start a numbering list
  • ”–>” for a thin arrow
  • ”==>” for a thick arrow
  • a URI for a clickable URI (Ctrl-Click to open the URI) (URIs just starting with “www” will also be detected)


  • “Ctrl-F” for search in document
  • “Ctrl-B” to toggle bold of the selection
  • “Ctrl-I” to toggle italics of the selection
  • “Ctrl-U” to toggle underline of the selection
  • “TAB”/”Shift-TAB” to change indentation of selection

Note: If you copy/paste text with different format it will be preserved. For example, you can copy code with syntax highlighting from Visual Studio and the colors will be kept.


  • download latest release and unpack it somewhere
  • start the Plainion.OneNote.exe