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Book Review: Pro Asp.Net MVC 5

Although being a professional software engineer for more then 15 years now, I never really dived into Web development. That has changed recently. After having played around a little bit with pure HTML and some Asp.Net WebForms I realized that I should build up some solid foundation in order to be able to build maintainable and modern Web applications.

So I decided to read this book:

Book: Pro ASP.NET MVC 5


Even though this is a fairly big one it was an easy read.

The book is divided into two parts. In the first part Adam Freeman builds up a sample application demonstrating most of the Asp.Net MVC features. After having read these few chapters I already felt enabled to build MVC based applications.

The second part of the book discusses all Asp.Net MVC features in depth. Equipped with all that expert knowledge even larger Web applications aren’t any obstacle any longer.

A great book for everyone going to build Web applications with Asp.Net!

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