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Book Review: Vue.js 2 Cookbook

As my expedition in the world of web development (especially client side web development) continued and my JavaScript and HTML code base grew, I discovered that I wanted a JavaScript framework to support me. After some research about Angular, KnockOut, React and Vue.js I finally decided for Vue.

Even though the Vue.js online documentation is really great and gave me a good and quick start I later decided to look for a book to gain an even better foundation. I finally selected

Book: Vue.js 2 Cookbook

Vue.js 2 Cookbook

Being a cookbook it is not much comfortable to read it from cover to cover - nevertheless I decided to do so to get a broad overview on Vue.js.

Finally I conclude that this book is really a great extension to Vue.js’s online documentation. The receipts cover broad range of topics from animations, over SPAs to large scale application patterns. Each receipt covers its topic to a good detail. Even as a Vue.js and JavaScript newbie the book is an easy read.

If you want to extend your Vue.js knowledge past the online material go for this book!

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