Plainionist Journey of a Software Craftsman

Pro Asp.Net MVC 5

Although being a professional software engineer for more then 15 years now, I never really dived into Web development. That has changed recently. After having played around a little bit with pure HTML and some Asp.Net WebForms I realized that I should build up some solid foundation in order to be able to build maintainable and modern Web applications.

So I decided to read this book:

Book: Pro ASP.NET MVC 5


Teamwork and Indian Culture

Even though I am working with Indian colleagues for some years now I only recently realized that I still don’t know enough about the Indian culture in order to be able to understand certain motivation and behavior.

A quick search on Amazon discovered this small book:

Book: Teamwork & Indian Culture

Teamwork & Indian Culture

You Dont Know JS - Up and Going

Looking for a short introduction into JavaScript?

The Coaching Habit

If you want to improve your (technical) coaching skills this

Your Code As a Crime Scene

Some weeks back I watched this talk by Adam Tornhill

Reactive Messaging Patterns with the Actor Model

Book: Reactive Messaging Patterns with the Actor Model

Microservices & UI

Here is a great video about microservices and UI:

Microservices Architecture

This tiny little book

Want to get more things done?

You can surely read a bunch of books about it like:

F# Deep Dives

I just finished reading

Instantly Better Presentations

If you do (technical) presentations from time to time you WANT to watch this talk:

The best source to learn F#

Some months back i started getting my hands dirty with F#. I started my journey with

Continuous Delivery

A week back i just finished reading

Software architecture vs code

If you are a software architect you definitively want to watch that talk:

Agile is Dead

If your using agile methods & processes you should definitively watch that video and think about it: