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Series: CleanCode

  • Assumptions aren't that bad in source code if ... (17 Feb 2022)
    Assumptions are evil in source code, aren't these? Well, in this video we want to discuss how to turn bad assumptions in to good assumption using a simple, pretty old but very effective concept called "Design-by-Contract".
  • Don't comment it! Refactor it! (29 Jan 2022)
    While good code comments can be extremely helpful to understand the purpose of the code, bad comments are useless at best and confusing at worst. This video shows some simple technique how to improve the readability of your code by documenting less.
  • This is how you should start with Clean Code ... (22 Jan 2022)
    Clean Code already starts when reading code. In fact, whenever you starting reading code in order to change it later on, think of doing a code review. In this video I want to show you some simple refactorings you can already apply while reading existing code.