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Book Review: The Rust Programming Language

Everyone is saying: “When you want to learn about the Rust programming language then this is THE book to start with!”

Book: The Rust Programming Language

The Rust Programming Language

So I did exactly this. I bought this book (second edition) and started by Rust journey.

The book is well organized, starting with the most basic concepts and then gradually adds more and more advanced concepts of the Rust programming language.

It is written in a style that even if you haven’t learned any programming language before, you can follow the explanations and learn programming using Rust.

If you are already familiar with other programming languages like C#, C++ or even F# you can easily relate to some of the concepts presented while others will probably very new.

So in summary, this book is definitively a great start to learn Rust, as beginner as well as an experienced software developer!

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