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Tag: design

  • What actually is Task<T>? (02 Nov 2023)
    When seeing Task in code, most developers think of threads. But that is actually not quite correct. Task is not coupled to multi-threading at all.
  • Dynamic Decorators (15 Oct 2022)
    The decorator pattern is a powerful tool to add cross cutting concerns to types while maintaining SRP. Dynamic proxies like RealProxy and DispatchProxy can be used to generate such decorators dynamically.
  • Bulletproof thread collaboration? (03 Oct 2022)
    Multi threading is hard mostly because of shared mutable data structures used for thread collaboration. Messaging based designs using agents or actors are a proven approach to reduce the complexity introduced with concurrency.
  • Automating dependency governance in .NET (23 Sep 2022)
    Every software project requires some structure to manage complexity. Every structure implies rules which have to be followed to not break the structure. Every rule requires automatic governance to be effective. How can such automatic governance be set up in .Net projects?