Tamer of complex graphs and even galaxies

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Do you have a huge graph and wonder how you could uncover its secrets?

Plainion.GraphViz is the solution you are looking for ;-)

Getting Started

  • Download the latest release
  • Unpack the ZIP at any convenient placeplace
  • Start the Plainion.GraphViz.Viewer.exe
  • Load your graph with the “Open” button or just drop it on the canvas. Supported formats:
    • DOT
    • GraphML
    • DGML

What next?

  • Read Basics
  • Read Filters
  • Take one of the sample graphs and play around with it
  • Browse through the remaining documentation
  • Provide feedback ;-)


You have ideas to improve Plainion.GraphViz? You are welcome to contribute!

Plainion.GraphViz is hosted on GitHub. Just clone the repository, setup your environment and get your fingers dirty ;-) Send me a pull request when you are done!