Tamer of complex graphs and even galaxies

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Plainion.GraphViz is developed based on the .NET framework 4.7, mostly in C#.

As some dependencies of this project already reference .NET Core 2.0 assemblies you also need to install .Net Core 2.0 SDK. See also Announcing .Net Core 2.0.

All other dependencies are handled via NuGet.

Tests are written in NUnit. I recommend NUnit 3 Test Adapter for Visual Studio to run the tests. Of course you can also run the tests with NUnit runners directly.


Plainion.GraphViz supports writing custom plug-ins to create graphs from custom sources.

Just download the source and have a look at Plainion.GraphViz.Modules.Documents and Plainion.GraphViz.Modules.CodeInspection to see how to integrate plug-ins into Plainion.GraphViz. Inside the custom plug-in just

  • parse the custom source (code, database, …)
  • generate a graph
  • add optional meta information (e.g. edge colors, tooltips)
  • pass it to the viewer